Why work at KBXtreme and Chubby’s Diner?

Chubby’s Diner and KBXtreme in Kona offer great hourly customer service and restaurant jobs, with pay starting starting well over minimum wage, even for entry-level and first-job positions. Work in the bar, karaoke lounge, kitchen, dining room, arcade or bowling center. As a locally owned, Hawaii-Style business, we take pride in our happy work culture and providing fun jobs for fun and kind people.

To Inquire:

Stop by KBXtreme and talk to a manager or drop us a note at  


The kitchen is like family, with two supportive Chefs and a sweet local regular customer base. Kitchen meals are included, and the kitchen shares in the Kitchen Tip pool. People love our food, and you can take pride in serving up some happiness every day.

Starting at $16 or more, based on experience + a share in the kitchen tip pool.  P/T and F/T available.


KBXtreme Restaurant/Bar and Karaoke servers greet and welcome customers, take orders from customers at the register or the floor, or process digital orders, serve good food, drinks and cocktails, and collect payment. Our bar servers work nights, weekends, and holidays and serve in a full-service style. Our diner servers run food and work in a fast casual counter service way.

Starting at $15 an hour or more, based on experience + tips. P/T and F/T available.


Do you like to mix it up?  We have a family friendly sportsbar and night life vibe and our bartenders do it all, from fun specialty cocktails with fresh ingredients, to pouring craft brew on draft for football fans.  Our Bartenders work in a highly collaborative environment across the center with servers, the diner, bowling staff party room rental areas, catering and banquet events and karaoke lounge. It’s a great place to get to know regulars and visitors out for a special occasion alike.  Bartenders work days, nights, weekends and holidays. Bartender experience preferred.

Starting at $15 an hour or more, based on experience + tips. P/T and F/T available.

Customer Service:

Customer Service at KBXtreme help guests get checked in for bowling, parties, and concerts, and assists them in play in the arcade and redemption of prizes.

Starting at $17 an hour or more, based on experience. P/T and F/T available.

Shift Managers:

Shift Managers support all roles and ensure guests get great service and things run smoothly.  Shifts run AM and PM, 7 days a week.  Supervisor experience preferred.

Position pay is negotiable for the right candidate. Customer Service managers are negotiable and determined upon experience. Kitchen Managers start at $20/hr. P/T and F/T available.


Security is tasked with locking and securing access to the center, walking the grounds and interior to ensure our policies are adhered to, and supporting staff with creating a safe, calm and memorable experience for all of our guests inside and within the surrounding property of the center. Position starts at $20/hr with increases for Guard Card candidates and merit/longevity. P/T available.

Bowling Lane Mechanics:

Mechanics maintain and repair the bowling lane and arcade equipment behind the scenes and make a smooth visit possible for our guests.

Mechanics start at $20 an hour or more, based on experience. P/T and F/T available.

There is so much opportunity at KBXtreme! Motivated hourly employees have become salaried upper management jobs in high level hospitality roles at KBXtreme and beyond. We offer career-level full-time positions with great benefits. All jobs are evaluated for advancements and managers offer great training and support.

Full-Time Benefits:

  • paid medical insurance
  • paid time off
  • your Birthday off or a special rate of pay for the day
  • Christmas & New Years off or special pay
  • dental/drug/vision insurance available
  • on the job training
  • employee discounts
  • sign-on bonus
  • discounted employee meals for all employees and a kitchen meal program for BOH kitchen positions

Part -Time Benefits:

  • on the job training
  • sign on bonus
  • employee discounts
  • medical insurance (if working more than 20 hours per week)
  • Christmas & New Years off or special pay
  • At KBXtreme, there is opportunity for to learn and advance for career minded team members. We also wonderful great casual and part-time opportunities for students, parents, and retired people who have either things going on.